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The Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group comprises several companies, including Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation, established in October 2013, and its subsidiaries. The subsidiaries include Tokyu Land Corporation, Tokyu Community Corporation, Tokyu Livable, Inc., Tokyu Hands, Inc., Tokyu Housing Lease Corporation (which started operations in April 2015), National Students Information Center Co. Ltd., and the subsidiaries/affiliates of these companies. The group's journey began with the development of a pioneering community project called Den-en Chofu in 1923. Since then, Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group has been involved in real estate development through Tokyu Land Corporation, founded in 1953, and has expanded its scope to property management and real estate agency businesses. Two subsidiaries, Tokyu Community Corporation and Tokyu Livable, Inc., emerged in the early 1970s and have since become leading players in their respective industries. Over time, Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group has continually evolved to adapt to the changing times. In 1976, it launched Tokyu Hands, Inc., a retail company aimed at promoting handcrafted work. In 1988, it introduced the Tokyu Harvest Club, a membership resort hotel system that offers a unique leisure experience. The group's goal is to create and propose lifestyles that go beyond physical limitations, aiming for a prosperous and sustainable society while striving for new values.


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Group Companies

Real-estate Business
Name of companyDescriptionWeb site
Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporationhttps://www.tokyu-fudosan-hd.co.jp/english/
Tokyu Land CorporationThe company provides comprehensive real estate services in areas such as urban development, office buildings, commercial facilities, condominiums, hotels, resort facilities, overseas business, investment management business and real estate solutions.https://www.tokyu-land.co.jp/english/
Tokyu Community Corp.As the ideal partner for creating future value, Tokyu Community offers comprehensive real estate management services, providing total support in areas such as condominium management and operation, building and facility management, and management and operation of public facilities.https://www.tokyu-com.co.jp/english/
Tokyu Livable,INCWith Purchase/Sale/Rental Brokerage, Sales Agency, Real Estate Sales, and Real Estate Solutions as its four business pillars, Tokyu Livable operates a comprehensive real estate distribution business via a network that extends across Japan.https://www.livable.co.jp/corp/en/
Tokyu Housing Lease CorporationThe company is mainly involved in the lease, management and operation of real estate, providing services and products to meet the various needs of customers including services for overseas investors and consulting services.https://www.tokyu-housing-lease.co.jp/en/top.html
National Students Information CenterThe company provides student apartment and dormitory services in the major metropolitan areas. Leveraging its extensive connections with educational institutions, the company builds strong relationships of trust with universities, students and communities.http://www.tokyu-nasic.jp/
TLC REIT Management Inc.As an asset management company, TLC REIT Management operates Activia Properties, Inc. Comforia Residential Investment Corp., and Broadia Private REIT, Inc.http://www.tokyu-trm.co.jp/en/
Tokyu Land Capital Management Inc.As an asset management company, Tokyu Land Capital Management operates private funds across a wide range of asset classes, and is also investing in new areas, including investments in infrastructure industries and outbound investments.https://www.tokyu-tlcm.co.jp/en/
Tokyu E-Life Design Inc.The company operates senior housing Grancreer, fee-based assisted nursing homes and one-stop services for the elderly, making use of its expertise in housing development and facility operation.http://www.e-life-design.co.jp/
Tokyu Re・Design Corporationhttps://www.tokyu-re-design.co.jp/
Hotel & Resorts Business
CompanyDescriptionWeb site
Tokyu Hands Inc.Aiming to help create living culture, TOKYU HANDS operates department stores specializing in living, lifestyles, handcraft-related tools, materials and parts.https://www.tokyu-hands.co.jp/en/
Tokyu Sports OasisThe company operates membership-based fitness clubs chiefly in the Tokyo and Osaka areas. They provide a broad array of programs ranging from full exercise to relaxation to meet customers' needs.http://www.sportsoasis.co.jp/
Lifestyle & Services Business
CompanyDescriptionWeb site
Tokyu Stay Co.,LtdThe company operates Tokyu Stay hotels mainly in the Tokyo area, based on the concept of "a hotel space that is a home away from home”.http://www.tokyustay.co.jp/e/
Niseko Tokyu Resort Co.,LtdThe company operates the NISEKO Mt. RESORT Grand HIRAFU ski resort (Kutchan, Abuta District, Hokkaido Prefecture).http://www.grand-hirafu.jp/winter/en/